How do I know my fat burning supplement is working?

The trend of taking fat burning supplements has been on the rise for quite some time now. It is a common hearing that these pills help melt off the body’s fat just like ice cream on a hot scorching summer day. But sorry to burst your bubble, these are just simply bodybuilding supplements and not magic. What it actually means and needs to be understood by the majority, is that fat burner are pills designed with ingredients that can help boost up the process of burning fat but they cannot replace a solid diet nor an exercise plan.

does your fat burner actually work

What are fat burners?

Fat burning supplements, more commonly known as fat burners are nutritional supplements that claim to shed off the extra fat accumulated in the Most of these supplements are designed to be used along with a specialized meal plan and an exercise routine. Some of the most famous supplements include hydroxycut and lipo 6.

What exactly does a fat burner do?

The easiest way to understand the working of a fat burner is to imagine it as a scope on a hunting rifle, trying to hunt down fat cells. In this scenario, your diet is the gun while exercise is the ammunition. Fat burning supplements help aim in a better way and target the stored fat in a more efficient manner. They have a wide variety of functions with the sole purpose of shedding off the extra pounds.

This is done by a lot of pathways such as by increasing fat metabolism in the body, impairing fat absorption, increasing weight loss, increasing fat oxidation during workouts, and causing long -term adaptations that promote as well as sustain the process of fat metabolism.

How do I know my fat burner is working?

measure weight loss

The first step on the journey toward losing those extra pounds is to set reasonable goals and then finding the best and most appropriate fat burner to achieve those set targets. Give the fat burning supplement at least 2-3 weeks to work before starting to assess the progress or results. After this time period, start tracking your progress to see how the set targets are being met. Progress can be assessed by a number of ways such as taking progress photographs, regular body measurements, body fat measurements, or simply by tracking weight on a weighing scale. It is essential to note down the starting point values as only then can a clear cut comparison be made.

It should be kept in mind that different people react differently to certain ingredients in fat burners. Some people react better to the ingredients in fat burners while others may take longer to show positive effects or at times won’t show any results at all. It is not a set standard that what works best for one individual has to necessarily work best for all others as well. Track your results and if no viable differences are seen that you intended to achieve, then consider using a different fat burner or consult with a specialist.


It is essential to keep a very close eye in the progress that takes place over time. The key is to stick with a proper nutrition plan, physical training, and fat burners to observe the optimum results.